How to Use Doggiewasher!

You'll be amazed just how easy and fun the Doggiewasher is to use. It attaches simply to any garden hose (or you can also use the optional tub adapter to wash your dog from the comfort of your home), and with it's simple one-handed waterflow control, it's a piece of cake:

Simply squirt Doggiewasher Shampoo (or any other PET shampoo) directly into the Doggiewasher through the open valve, with the fingers pointing UP, close the valve, attach the hose then turn on hose and you're ready!
Attach Doggie Washer with Shampoo Directly to your waterhose

Start scratching your pet with the thumb switch control (water control) still in the off position (no water yet to scare the pet) and slowly start the opening the thumb control keeping contact with the pet. As the water starts to flow, it automatically mixes with the shampoo and injects sudsy water through the oily outer hair directly onto the pets skin!
Start washing the pet

Continue to wash from the top down, soon the water will run clear as the shampoo is rinsed from the unit and you are automatically in the rinse mode! Continue to rinse until all shampoo is washed from pet.  You're DONE in MINUTES and the pet thinks it just got a BACKSCRATCH of a LIFETIME!
Start washing the pet

Doggiewasher is an Award-Winning Product Seen on Television